Helping Survivors become Thrivers from Soul to Sole.

We are devoted to helping women Break FREE from the chains of shame, pain, and weight gains to become holistically (spirit, mind, and body) healthy and resilient in rhythm and harmony with their individual design to reduce chronic stressors and chronic health conditions. We help women revive their forgotten dreams and create a pathway to envision and embrace their aspirations as they begin chasing the desires of their hearts again, with greater joy and peace, so that they CAN live life more abundantly and successfully... vibrantly doing more of what they love to do with their loved ones!
It's time to stop missing out on the life you desire because you are
Individually Designed to Thrive - Soul to Sole!!

Ever wonder how you can possibly thrive instead of just survive with dysfunction, disease, and disorders?  Have you  ever felt abused, misused, rejected or abandoned? Do you feel anxious or hopelessly, desperately wandering in the dark because you've tried everything, from diet, exercise, to pills striving to get physically and mentally healthy without lasting results? Do you ache to find the light at the end of the tunnel to function daily while getting (and staying) well as a lifestyle?

Welcome to
Wild Haven & Co.
- A Space of Grace

Let us help you bridge the gap between what you've tried and what you need to thrive, naturally.

Did you know...

Americans are dying younger than any other time in history from preventable diseases/dyfunctions! CDC reports that 20-40% of premature deaths are preventable.

Heart Disease, Mental Health issues, Diabetes,  Smoking, Stroke, Obesity

How many women have been sexually abused/misused in their past

1:4 women; it is believed it could be higher since many don't report it.

Surgery is considered a trauma to the body

The average number of surgeries is Between 5-9 surgeries performed by the age of 85. 

Trauma is often disregarded and denied though it has a very real impact on physical health

results from exposure to an incident or series of events that are emotionally disturbing or life-threatening with lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being. here. -

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Welcome to our Wild Haven & Co. Website

My services offer a brave safe space of grace to explore and workout the the spirit, mind, and body at a sacred pace. Through restorative mindfulness, movement, and nature, I walk alongside you on your journey to restore physical and emotional resilience and heal from the inside out. I aim to help lighten the emotional load through slow, compassion guided approaches to create a brave space of grace for students/clients to express whatever needs or wants to be expressed. I help clients discover and explore holistic, natural ways to gain greater mobility, definition, strength, and flexibility to live life more abundantly with joy and peace aligned in mind, body, and soul to thrive!

Providing mindful stress/emotional release and functional movement therapy to adolescents, adults, and groups.
Specializing in:
Holistic, integrative approaches that complement current medical protocols and/or fitness programs
DNA Consultations & Coaching
Nature and plant slant living
Management of:
   Chronic Pain
   Weight Gain/Loss 
   Autoimmune & Inflammatory Issues
   Emotional Support (Fear, Anger, Grief, Guilt, Shame, and Blame)
   Abuse, Misuse, Post-Medical Recovery & Restoration
   Non-Violent (Trauma Sensitive) Communication

Licensed RN over 20 years
YogaFit for Warriors (Emotional/Trauma Release Movement Therapy)
Gracelife Counseling Trained
Former CrossFit Coach & CF Kids Coach and Collegiate /Adult Athlete

My Personal Chronic Relief and Resilience Restoration Story

More Testimonials

Your journey matters to us!

Here are some of the journeys we've walked alongside of...

Trish has helped me learn how to listen to my body and how to take care of it without damaging it further. She is very knowledgeable in health and is able to present the research to back up her findings. So thankful for all the help she has given me.

Julie G.

Emergency Room RN

Trish has helped me to begin balancing my hormones. She is very knowledgeable, due to the massive amounts of research she does, and is a great encouragement to me on my journey to better health.

Angela C.

Nutritionist in Training/SAHM

Trish is amazing! She has a huge heart for people and an insatiable hunger for science and learning. Her head and heart combination make Wild Haven & Co. a trusted resource that I routinely leverage for my health and well-being. When Trish says it, I am confident that she has done her research, that she is speaking from experience, and that she has my best interest in mind. I encourage anyone to reach out to Trish and give Wild Haven & Co. a try. You will not be disappointed!

Angela O

Truventure Business Consultant

"Girl, This past weekend is what I needed to get back on track in my life. After having breast cancer, then to turn around and have a stroke and a heart attack the day after that stroke, left me so undone about my life. Trying to get rid of the Med's that I was given from the doctors and getting back to exercising was the first step. Found oils during that time which has helped me with most of the med's from the doctors. This past weekend has shown me my next steps to getting better. Yoga for my self help. Hoping to get this into my daily routine. I learned so much from you this weekend. Thanks for everything!"

At the retreat, I felt safe to share my struggles both medical and personal. Trish took time to listen and I felt heard. She was able to to work with me and I felt safe with her to try some new things that I can do at my own pace, in my own home or at work, and I know that it it can help me physically and emotionally. While I didn’t always like what she had to say, she explained it in a way that helped me understand why she suggested what she did and she gave me healthier alternatives without making me feel like I was being forced to do something I was not ready to do … yet.

Robin W.


Trish is more than a coach, she’s a friend that comes alongside you and guides you until you feel confident to do things yourself. Her goal isn’t to be your lifelong coach, but your lifestyle coach so that when you have learned to fly, you can do it on your own if you want to, OR you can choose to keep journeying with her. She’s real and raw, too. She’s just been on this nature based healing journey a bit longer and brings her vulnerability, intuition, and wisdom to share as she cares for your heart, your mind, and your spirit. She gives her all, she just asks that you do the same. Just show up, be authentic, and breathe. She will stretch you, but she’s there for you, even if you have a breakdown, waiting for your breakthrough.

Dalila B.

RevWell Coach

During a retreat with Trish, she explained why we move the way we do and how it works on the body and mind. I immediately felt a difference as she guided us through the movements. I felt sensations like I was awakening and a feel good energy came over me - so much so that I could not help but smile, even laughed outloud a little. I felt calm yet more energized, and I felt more connected to my body. I did it again the very next day on my own and it felt great! Now I have something I can do in less than 5 minutes at home or at work to feel and move better! She and her team also explained how nutrition and nature work together to heal us from the inside out. I loved how easy it was to get to know her. Like Trish, I live with some similar discomforts and I learned so much about how to integrate nature and modern medicine that I can do at the same time to get the most benefits. I already have a personal trainer, but now I can incorporate what I learned during the retreat to get even better results!

Stacy S.

Sales Agent

Trish’s DNA consult helped me see what I needed to do to improve my health. I felt like Trish knew what she was saying and I felt confident that if I followed the DNA suggestions that she gave me that I will get results that I am looking for. Though I’d never really used essential oils before, I also found that Trish is very knowledgeable about how they work and they did seem to relieve my headache and keep me calm when I remembered to use them!

Alisa L.


Trish’s DNA consult really helped me understand what my body really needs and some things that may actually be increasing my inflammation and pain. I feel more confident now with my food and supplement choices -so I’m not wasting time, energy, and money! When working with Trish, she not only explains the why, she also shows us ways we can physically move to help move through our aches and pains. I felt great after going through the movements and more at peace. I want to incorporate that into my daily routine. Taking a step back and meditating daily I'm learning are also essential to thriving. I think the full explanation of why it helps makes a big difference to motivate me to do it.

Jennifer R.

Insurance Agent & Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

My 11yo enjoys her time with Trish who lets her share her concerns vulnerably, but can also get her laughing and moving in different ways that are good for her body. I also trust her to guide my daughter and I in a physically and mentally healthy direction - even when it’s difficult, she’s empathic and encouraging. She educates us and reminds us when we doubt so that we can make informed decisions for ourselves that improve our lives. She sincerely cares deeply for us, beyond just making a buck.

Cheri. C.

HR Mngr & Entrepreneur

Trish is a mentor, too. She sincerely believes healed people heal people and I am living proof of that. No matter my religious beliefs, I’ve always felt safe to know I am never condemned- even if my beliefs are different than hers. Her practices transcend religion and can be applied no matter what religion you are. She stands firm in her own faith, but she does not judge others no matter the path they choose. Her heart is for helping others, so she creates a “space of grace” so that we can each be understood and begin to challenge our belief systems to find the lies - sometimes passed down through generations - that keep us in bondage that need to be replaced with our own truths so that we can move forward in healthier ways that do not harm ourselves or others.

Amanda E.

Health Food Store Manager

I learned a few new things about essential oils from Trish and found that the ones she suggested really helped me. Since I felt I could trust her about that, I ventured to check out the DNA test as well. I was already working out and eating fairly healthy, but not getting the results I’d wanted! I tried doing what was working for my husband, and only getting more frustrated! After my DNA consult with Trish, a month later I was saying that I couldn’t believe I was eating more and working out LESS and losing weight with less stress! Trish shared only 2-3 things that were super simple, but were game changers for me! I just couldn’t believe it! I realized my husband’s body’s needs and responses are different than mine!

Jodi P

Package Delivery Person

Trish intuitively connects on a very personal level. She empathizes and has a heart for the hurting and is an advocate for those who cannot help themselves or don’t know what they don’t know. She is an avid educator and is certainly big on making educated decisions for your health and well being. She often seems to be more of a friend than a coach and I have come to deeply trust her.

I appreciate that, although she’s a nurse, she gets that nature-based living is the best healthcare and can help modern medicine work even better. That being said, there’s always more to learn, so Trish introduced me to a whole new level of understanding about using therapeutic grade essential oils though I’d tried using essential oils before. I can tell they made an immediate difference for myself, but also for my family, and there is definitely a difference between brands of essential oils, no doubt!  

Michelle H

Health Coach & Mom of Multiple "Special Abilities" Children

Trish is easy to talk to, she conveys a deep interest in my struggles in how she listens, but it’s more than the words I say. She has an intuition that reads between the lines without me saying anything. She senses what I need without me even knowing. She starts where you are. For me, it wasn’t the physical part I needed most, even though I wanted it to be. Her coaching and consults have guided me through some really emotionally hard times so that I am now more motivated and able to do the physical stuff I need to do to reach my goals! With her encouragement, I did things I did not like to do and that I did not think would work, but I did them and they DID! I am sleeping better, I am more calm, and I’m feeling more motivated and confident so that I’m getting more physically active now, too!

Melissa F

Childcare Specialist & Entrepreneur

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