Hey! I'm Trish McCall. I've been a nurse over 20 years, a former collegiate and Crossfit athlete & Coach, former victim to my multiple traumas, former survivor of even more dysfunctions & disorders, and former regimented, prescriptive exercise and nutrition legalist.
Now, I'm an overcomer, victor, thriver, and "Chronic Pain & Weight Gain Liberator" to my clients!

So why listen to me? Let me share my history...

Hey all y’all Life Seeking Warriors, 
If you couldn’t already tell...I’m from the Carolinas! Grew up in NC and after SEVERAL moves with hubby's job, I'm now in SC!

In case you want the shortest version: I'm a 20+ year nurse 👩‍⚕️ , wife to my hubby of 20 years this year (+6 years of dating - I'm clearly patient no matter what my kids say 😘), mom of 2 teen boys becoming men, and an all out nature loving outdoor enthusiast! The mountains are my sacred place of all places, but 2nd runner up is my back porch where I love to rejuvenate as I read and write, and even coach from these past 2 years during the warmest  months of May-September as the nurse coach and CEO of Wild Haven & Co. I am solar powered by Sonshine!

Let's go deeper now into how and why I founded WH&C because it started within me before I ever even thought of it ...
I’ve dealt with chronic pain since I was 6yo due to multiple autoimmune disorders, ptsd, and physical injuries (let’s just say I had a 3 inch thick medical chart, 4+ specialists, history of 5+ surgeries, a slew of medications for hormones & pain relief, UNTIL just 4 years ago!!

Besides being a 20+ year nurse, I was a high school varsity and collegiate athlete in my teens/early 20s, and then became a CrossFit athlete and coach in my mid 30s. Fitness was ALWAYS a big thing to me, but to be honest, I was NOT HEALTHY!!!

Sure, I may have looked healthy, but according to my 3 inch thick medical chart, I was falling apart with all my broken inside parts. Some gain weight, I became chronically inflamed and I gained a little weight, but mostly I gained autoimmune disorders (plural) so that people judged me when I said I can’t (pronounced cain’t where I’m from) because they couldn’t understand why I looked younger than my age but felt 80yo. I spent my teen years and most of my adult years trying to do all the “right” things but didn't understand the link between emotional health and physical health...I mean,  you can do ALL the right exercises and diets, but it won’t relieve the weight gain around the shoulders that is likely causing the weight gain around the waist and the disorders.

Honestly and truly, my autoimmune/inflammatory disorders/diseases that led to daily chronic pain were from undealt with emotional and physical abuses and misuses I held on to unconsciously in my body... despite umpteen years in talk therapy, too.

Ain't gonna lie, I still live with it - mostly mild - but now I THRIVE! Not even a migraine or an Advil in 4 years! I’m fully functional despite some chronic pain flare ups. Thankfully, after years of suffering and ending up in the floor of my shower desperately crying out for help, looking back I now realize how I was divinely being led to a variety of healers who helped me in one way or another to scientifically, physically, emotionally, AND spiritually challenge me to restore my emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience so that my chronic pain was relieved EXPONENTIALLY and I’m ENJOYING LIVING VIBRANTLY!

Now, I’m READY to help you, too! -
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the Long Version if y’all wanna know ALL my dysfunctions and disorders and HOW I got well and lost 30 pounds ...

First, I feel you need to understand my "Laundry List" of Dysfunctions and Disorders that filled my 3 inch thick medical chart filled by 4+ specialists, even more surgeries, and even more medications:
-6-12yo sexually molested by teenagers; 17yo raped by my fiance, but hid it, suppressed it, and did not seek counseling or recourse...I believed it was my fault.
-Endometriosis with debilitating/bedridden pain since the age of 13 = “treated” by various specialists and endocrinologists with Rx meds and Surgery x2 at stage 4 by 26yo
-Debilitating Migraines with Auras age 19 (nausea, literal blindness, and laying in dark rooms thinking my head would literally explode and I would die curled up in the fetal position) = treated with Rx meds/shots and multiple neurologist appts.
-Eczema = Rx creams and meds
-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) = Rx meds/ medical procedures
-Hypoglycemia = controlled with what I thought was “healthy food”
-Raynaud's Syndrome (poor circulation to extremities, vasospasms of blood vessels, trouble healing) = Rx Blood Pressure meds
-Arthritis by the age of 16 (family history of RA) = OTC meds (Advil namely)
- Painful Hiccups, Gas, Ulcers, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder), and eventually diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) at the age of 22yo
-Infertility = Rx meds/hormones and eventually IVF at 28yo by a reproductive endocrinologist
-Diverticulitis by the age of 34 (infection/inflammation of the large intestines) = Rx meds/Couple of medical procedures by a Gastroenterologist... began my true Nutrition journey with a Registered Dietician.
-Depression/Anxiety related to PTSD/childhood sexual trauma (finally confessed my "dirty secret" in my mid-30s) = Rx meds/years of talk therapy that only helped to a point.
-Torn labrum of hip socket = surgery suggested, refused and spent 9 months learning new ways to move.
-Fibromyalgia by the age of 38 = Rx meds suggested for mental health and pain relievers ... but instead, I began to research and try more natural methods.
-Hysterectomy at 40yo due to debilitating pain and bleeding which led to further complications and culminated into infections/bed rest which led to Rx/hormone replacement therapy
-Shingles at 41yo = Rx, the LAST straw in 2018 - I KNEW it was a culmination of my spirit, mind, and body breaking down.
-2019 Drs said a possibility of Lyme Disease and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis due to some lab results, but since I wouldn't take Rx meds because my pain was better managed naturally, they informed me there was no use in testing further.

I learned and experienced from my mental and physical breakdown how to navigate the slow, arduous - but worth it - journey to a breakthrough:
❤️ No Sweat, Slow Paced Fitness that changed the health of my mind and body more than ever before.
💜 Non-competing, non-comparing, non-judgement, mindful, therapeutic, functional, practical, natural practices that my mind and body ENJOYED - that I didn’t stress about doing.
 ❤️ *I began to love my body as it was/is without grit and grind performance for the first time ever and it responded by loving me back to wellness: health and wellbeing from the inside out.
💜 Nature’s way of getting things done well and with good timing, meaning building trust in my own mind, heart, body, and soul to guide me better than a “get fit” program or process.
❤️ How to work from rest, with grace over grind, and well-powered over willpowered so that my mind became sharper and I was quicker on my feet.

Eventually, there was nothing I could not do that I wanted to ...even IF pain was present.
The field of science is finally capturing this evidence! One way or another emotional/mental/physical pain that is suppressed in the body (which includes the brain), shows up eventually as chronic pain in the form of mental or physical disorders, dysfunctions, and/or diseases. The more we fight, flight, and/or freeze, the more pain and disease we will continue to see!

Talk therapy is 40% effective, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you have been abused, but combined with therapeutic movement and tools specifically designed for emotional and trauma release, has been found to be closer to 80% effective in increasing mental and physical health.

I’m living proof! I'd been doing yoga and other forms of exercise for YEARS, but nothing gave me the relief, definition, strength, and flexibility like these kinds of mindful, emotional/trauma release movements, practices, techniques, and tools. It’s multifaceted, of course, no one size fits all - just like we are! That’s why we can look at your DNA's way of thriving if you so choose to start us off because your body is good and you know you best - when the masks of performance are removed and you do what you are naturally designed to do best!

As I said above, I’ve not had even an ibuprofen in 4 years, as I manage my pain with holistic practices, equipped with natural tools, and mostly plant-based, good wholesome foods. It’s through my therapeutic, functional, mindful spirit, mind, then body alignment blueprint that releases deep seated emotions/traumas that relieve chronic pain stored in the body and reduces inflammation all over the body. This has helped me tremendously and is why I became what some have come to fondly call me, “The Chronic Pain Liberator!”

My mission is mending broken hearts and body parts (soul to sole wellness, I lovingly call it) while reducing medical charts so we can get back to doing what we really love to do with the ones we love with greater resilience, definition, strength, and flexibility along with increased hope, peace, and joy! What took me 11 years to figure out with little help from the western medicine field I worked in,

Thankful for my answered prayers to be here, as  I pray to be Light, Love, and Hope to those who need my kind of support, who need to be surrounded by like-minded supporters, and who want to be supportive! I’ve learned (and I'm still learning) so much that my heart breaks for those in pain to not know a better, more natural way, to reveal, feel, and deal with their pain to find greater relief ... especially for those who have been through so much more than me.

My heart mourns deeply for the abused and misused (especially the sex trafficked, slave traded victims and survivors) and foster/adoptive/mission-hearted families dealing with burn out and primary/secondary trauma/PTSD from working with and living with victims and survivors. I pray daily that God paves the way for me to make a global impact - as I believe he has also given me a vision for a remote respite/restoration retreat center in the NC mountains as a safe place to land  for these 3 groups of people. That’s why 10% of every donation and clients’ proceeds WH&C receives goes towards supporting those with broken hearts and broken parts as we serve in the communities to help reach and restore spirits, minds, and bodies...to live and THRIVE abundantly!

 If my story connects with you, just like, love, share with someone you know who needs to hear my story, and/or comment on our Wild Haven & Co. FB page ... AND,  let’s set up a FREE 30 minute Core Connection Call so that you can receive a “NuTRISHional Nugget” to get you on your way to Soul to Sole Wellness today! If you desire to help us expand our Soul to Sole Wellness: Spirit, Mind, and Body mission into the local community and internationally through a donation, please contact me as well.

As for Credentials:I am a licensed RN specializing in therapeutic mindful movement and emotional/trauma release techniques utilizing holistic, nature based tools for those dealing with chronic pain and weight gain, disease/dysfunctions, and physical/emotional abuse/misuse/neglect. Every effort is made to remain integrative and complementary to all medical protocols and fitness programs already in place for anybody, anywhere, anytime. Gracelife International Counseling and Yogafit for Warriors Certificates available upon request.
Finally, I am in the process of procuring my ability to create CE Workshops for Healthcare Providers in the future so that we can learn what we did not learn in medical schools: how to better serve our patients/clients anytime, anywhere, with anyone, how to handle chronic pain with less/no medication and hospitalizations.

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