EnMotion Warrior Customizable Solution Packages available! Restore Physical & Mental Resilience to Relieve Chronic Pain &  Weight Gain while Decreasing Dysfunctions.

If you are, or your loved one is, having difficulty managing their pain or medical issues despite medical efforts, typical fitness programs, and diets... we may be able to help!

It can be frustrating when you’ve exhausted all your resources in diets, exercise programs, specialists, surgeries, and medications and you are still in pain or experiencing increasing dysfunctions with no idea why it's not working and you feel helpless and hopeless to do anything about it.

Maybe you're having a hard time keeping up at work or feeling disconnected at home. At times you just can't meet all the expectations.

Maybe you're noticing the emotional impact is taking a physical toll on you, too. New aches and pains or maybe even new diagnoses keep popping up no matter what you do.

Maybe you're noticing you keep gaining weight on your shoulders and around your waist.

Many adults have spent their lives surviving with their physical dysfunctions by striving harder and harder because of unhealthy coping skills and unrecognized connections between their past or current stressors and their body's reactions to it. The body may be tired of overcompensating for unresolved emotional, physical, sexual, and even religious mistreatment that traditional talk therapy, modern medical interventions, and typical fitness programs can't even touch when the body remembers but the mind cannot.

Watching a loved one, or dealing with it yourself, can be a long and arduous journey. You see them putting in such enormous effort, and you so badly want to help them navigate through this adversity and come out victorious, but you're not quite sure what to do.

Maybe you've reached out to someone for professional help, but whatever progress you made was only surface (symptomatic) level and temporary - so in the long run, the difficulties still persisted.

Deep down you fear that these mental and physical challenges will hold you back from achieving your goals in life.

Trying unsuccessfully to navigate through unrecognized or unresolved physical and mental stresses and strains with unhealthy coping strategies and increasing worry about work performance, body performance, rocky relationships, weight gain, foggy brain, aches and pains can make you feel inadequate, helpless and hopeless ...as if you're all alone and there's no relief in sight.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

You're not alone - and there is help!

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We have a selection of services and membership opportunities to better navigate your way to wellness, naturally!

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However, if you're not sure where to start and you want maximum savings and personalized benefits ...then contact us for a 20-30 minute "Chronic Relief & Resilience Connection" Zoom Session to hone in on what you need. We truly don't want you to waste any more time, energy, and $ on products that don't meet your needs. Our heartfelt goal is to get you moving towards "soul to sole wellness by natural design" as efficiently, effectively and as naturally as possible.

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Individually Designed,
Naturally Defined Living 

Know anyone losing hope and wondering why all their special diets, exercises, and pills aren't working for them?

By "unzipping your genes" (DNA), you'll see for yourself what your body actually needs, and what it doesn't, without having to look at your ancestry.

We know there’s no 1 size fits all program, right!? Yet, this little box of goodness fits every single person just right by discovering your uniquely, individually designed genes, your own DNA, and learning the BEST way to nourish and move your body!

I wish I’d known about this a LONG time ago before my arduous 10+ year healing journey! Do yourself a sanity saving favor, stop "waisting" energy, time, and money on years of trial and error. Your 46 page DNA report will tell you better than anyone else what your body needs to flourish. 

*HIPAA Compliant + FREE coaching session to get you on track with your 46 page DNA report to guide you! 

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Nature's "Medicine Cabinet:"
Nature-Based Living 

Know someone confused, and frustrated trying to go "all natural" and "detoxify" their homes and bodies, who've even tried other name-brand essential oils companies without getting results - except less money in the bank?

Through our supportive Wellness Warriors community and my virtual coaching, you'll be supported and equipped to learn the HOW TOs from me along with other healthcare professionals, as well as others who were/are like you, in our "family" of Wellness Warriors as lives and lifestyles are being changed together with our families!!

In fact, one of our community members who had used another name brand for several years, said, "I was having panic attacks weekly despite using oils and prescription medication, but since switching to using YL products & essential oils, I haven't had but one in 6 weeks and that was only because I forgot to do my regular thing!" 

These products and our supportive "Wellness Warriors family" will help reduce your stress and confusion while redefining your health on a whole different level!

**After your purchase, you'll be invited to join our Wellness Warriors Support Group Page!

**When you sign up for the VIP "Essential Rewards" (Monthly Subscription Option), you'll receive a  1 hour FREE coaching session to get you started on your personalized natural health/wellness journey!!

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